Link Popularity – Link Exchange

link exchange

Let me first explain the concept of the general link exchange between websites:

Contact Established, Relevant websites, and request to exchange links.

This is a pretty straight forward explanation on how a link exchange happens. You contact the business or website owner, most likely sites that have good placement themselves within the search engines. These sites should be relevant so the information etc. relates / ties to your website. Through this contact you request to exchange links.

Wasted Time
Through this method you can certainly waste a lot of time contacting top listed web site’s within the search engines that would rather continue as they are then allow you to ‘feed’ off of their success. The more people learn about how accomplish links on their own the more weary and less interested they are.

Buying Links
Perhaps you decide to have another company create links for you. Certainly any affective strategy in building your sites visibility can be warranted. Not all business owners have time to accomplish each task and perhaps a company can do it more efficiently for a reasonable price. I think that you would agree, anything worth paying for you get to keep. How are they accomplishing this? Are you interlinked to irrelevant sites? Are you listed on some back page with nothing but links and limited importance to the search engines? You may even be setup on some link exchange page that does not technically attach to your web address or URL because it is actually a frameset etc. Even if you link to other businesses that are relevant, are you linking just to others starting out and the same sites as everyone else that signed up?

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