Link Popularity – Informational Sites

knowledgeCreating and starting informational sites are a great way to create inbound links and you are creating them from relevant information and potentially a huge information source. I recommend this method over all forms of marketing.

You may not want to incorporate loads of information on a product website but adding information to a business blog with a solid structure and proper setup can certainly create a lot of inbound links.

I recommend this method over any other link building strategy for the following reasons.

  • You have control over the information
  • You are seeing visibility infront of readers just looking for information that your website would have not otherwise captured
  • You have multiple sites / avenues to capture traffic

This will also enable you to target specific topics, link specific keywords based on that topic and overall will have more of an impact on a link campaign. Most websites don’t necessarily have a lot of product changes or information added. They are not necessarily designed to organize information either so you are utilizing all of this information that relates to your products and becoming a source of information and credibility but you are using that information to link to your site from an external source.

Blogs are the best way to accomplish this, because they are designed for articles and posts of information. They are efficient and easy to use, organize etc. But as I will mention the setup and implementation are key. Search engine friendly URLs, proper setup, information and linking are key to the success of a business blog.

Blogging is also revolutionizing how information is shared through social media / viral marketing including social bookmarking sites. Being able to share information in the most convenient way possible is always going to be a benefit for your business and customers.

Social Bookmarking Sites
This will certainly have to be covered in detail in a future post but any way that you can share information with a huge visitor base in going to generate solid results with proper implementation. Your blog and its information can be featured on social bookmarking sites, increasing your blogs visibility and creating inbound links for your business through huge networks. Social bookmarking sites are constantly having information added to them and can carry major clout with the search engines so your business becoming a part of this network is essential.

Bottom Line
One thing I always consider is that good sites through some exposure are going to build links on their own. The whole purpose of ‘link popularity’ is to decipher which sites are important because other web users and website owners want to link to you because of the information they found. Imagine offering all the best products and a huge source of information with all things related including industry news, articles, reviews, product comparisons etc. That certainly sounds like a recipe to generate people’s interest and links.


  1. I personally think that in 2010 goes on, methods of on-page and off-page search engine optimization will change as we think it. I think we will see a transition to client metrics in determining ranking results. That combined with increased personal SERP results and we’ll be seeing a large change of the users experience with Bing and the other SEs. Every search result will not be made alike, take a look at things like user interaction, bounce time, bounce rate, etc… Put your energy on a better website all around, and I think you’ll see better results in 2010.

  2. There are many methods that you must use to promote your website, and social bookmarking is definitely one of those. If you desire to grow the traffic to your business then a good way to do this is by utilizing a nice social bookmarking software to automate the work.

  3. SEM Truth says:

    In marketing your site, best practices usually only include building links through manual processes and getting involved in online conversations rather then using automated processes.

    Many of the main social bookmarking sites such as Digg that can create the most exposure take measures to prevent spam style automated submissions. Thus taking these types of routes in creating links can hinder your efforts to create the type of exposure you need for your business.

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