Customize the Content Layout on Magento Category Pages

Add content above and below Magento product listings using the Category Description available in 1.4, then updating where the static block displays on the category page when customizing the Display Settings to include both a static block and products.

The main focus of being able to customize the content in Magento category pages was to add the ability for me to be able to have an introductory paragraph of content, but also add additional content after the product listing. Thus I was able to add a foundation of custom content to main category pages without pushing the products further and further down the page.

First you will want to create a static block that will become the footer content for a category. Once created you can then update your category to call this static block. Navigate to the Category you want to include the content below the product listing and update the display settings. Under ‘Display Settings’, select ‘static block and products’ from the Dsiplay Mode dropdown. Then select the name of the static block you created under the CMS Block dropdown.

This display the static block as well as the cateogry products on that category page. Currently most templates add the static black to the top of the category, we will update this.

While you are editing the category go ahead and add a description under the General Information tab for that category which we will leave as the introductory paragraph for the category.

Now we must simply update the layout of the product listing so that the CMS Static Block displays under the category listing.

Navigate and edit /public_html/app/design/frontend/blank/theme_folder/template/catalog/category/view.phtml

Find the line of code that reads:

<?php echo $this->getCmsBlockHtml() ?>

Currently it should be some where above the call to the Product List:

<?php echo $this->getProductListHtml() ?>

Move <?php echo $this->getCmsBlockHtml() ?> below, save, upload and refresh cache if necessary.

You should now see the category description above the product listing. Then when you scroll down the update to the category view.phtml file adds the static block content we added under the Display Settings tab.


  1. Hi, I followed your instructions but still have no block displaying on the category page. Is there any other step required for magento v 1.4.1?

  2. This concept has and will not be affected by Magento versions, as it is using core principles of how Magento CMS static block work.

    Please describe in further detail you site setup, include a URL, specific category you are working on, attach a copy of your updated view.phtml file and I will be glad to help. Something to give me some insight as to where you may be snagged.

  3. Good advice there, SEM Truth.

    One method I’ve used can be beneficial if you want to display an additional static block at the bottom of the page, while keeping the ‘Description’ field before your products/categories.

    Basically create a Static Block then in the ‘Custom Design’ tab of your ‘Category’ page, call the Static Block by adding the following code in the ‘Custom Layout Update’ field:


    The ‘after=”content”‘ part will ensure the Static Block is displayed after your content – useful for adding rich SEO content, and you can also keep your description at the top as well.

  4. Nice article, very clear and simple to follow.
    Although finding the view.phtml file wasn’t easy i think this was because the theme Im using does not have its own version of this file.

    view.phtml file location was

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