Why SEO is NOT Important for Blogs

Blogging is about creating a continual steady stream of information and building your blog as a source of information related to your market.

Other then the traditional SEO functions such as SEF URLs, post titles, relevant content and auto-populated description tags there is little importance in keyword stuffing meta tags or any other ‘traditional’ technique of optimizing a website. Any blog design should already include a number of the beneficial aspects of SEO including H tags as the basis of your individual post page titles as well as any post information that you include.

Because blogs do not primarily focus on building exposure for a single post or page SEO aspects such as keyword density and such simply lose their overall value. If you are creating articles about relevant topics you are most likely naturally including keyword rich content so the focus of your blog becomes more about writing articles on interesting topics and utilizing social media avenues such as social bookmarking sites to increase the exposure of your blog posts and link popularity of your blog on a whole.

Technically you could consider optimizing the main category pages of your blog, but again, optimization on a page by page basis is not the focus of the blog itself as streamlining your blogging process is gravely important as you look to post on a daily basis. SEO overall is most beneficial for static informational or product pages on a site where you are looking to increase that specific pages exposure.

In blogging and building relevant information pertaining to that page’s focus you will most likely look to expand upon the information you offer pertaining to that page whether it be news, product breakdowns, reviews or any other important topics surrounding your focus.

Blog platforms are also a very diverse and powerful platform. WordPress has extensive plugins for everything from creating a review site to building your own social media platform. Especially if you are looking to utilize your blog as a way to build link popularity and increased exposure for your ,posting and social bookmarking become the most streamlined way of accomplishing this. Since link building, in my opinion, is not a traditional aspect of SEO, no single SEO technique outweighs the fundamental reason a blog is created and why any business needs to get involved in social media with their business blog as the hub.

Any website on the other hand should have key components in place in order to target visibility in any major search engines. Contradictory to popular belief, more focus should be placed on categorization and the overall setup of your site not keyword stuffing.

Only once you have established a solid setup will the true benefits of building link popularity be seen through your website’s natural search engine listings.

How important are meta tags?

Meta tags have importance, but think of them more so as a foundation then overall way to help market a site. Any professionally setup site is going to have a solid foundation including meta tags. In marketing an online business it solely comes down to two things, knowledge and time. You as a business owner should find out what is beneficial in marketing a site, and what will help your business obtain those beneficial aspects. Meta tags are simply help in creating relevance / reaffirmation of what you offer. From my experience yahoo can certainly show more results from the simple setup of meta tags.

More important in so many ways is content. What you offer literally has to be placed within the content on a site. Content can be much more expansive and descriptive reaffirming or communicating what you offer. The main assumption in the idea of content is that by adding product names and descriptions your site has ‘content’. Content should actually be something that is unique. Your and every other site online potentially has the same product names / descriptions in your market.

With proper setup including categorization, page names, meta tags and content you will simply have a solid foundation creating relevance for your site and merely the proper implementation of a competitive e-commence website. At this point you are ready for avenues of online marketing.

Unveiling Meta Tags

Meta tagsMeta tags are a simple process to complete for your website. The main focus behind meta tags is relevance. The three main meta tags that you will want to focus on for all of your pages are the title, keywords and description tags. There are many other tags, and some have their uses but for marketing purposes lets focus on these main tags.

First you will want to research keywords related to your products if necessary. These will be the basis of your meta tags because what people are searching for related to your products you will want to reaffirm to help promote your websites relevance for those phrases. Simply put if it relates to your products, you will want to include it on the most relevant pages set of meta tags. [Read more…]