Social Bookmarking vs. Social Networking

There are very fundamental differences between social bookmarking and social networking sites. Depending on the stage of your businesses development and marketing focus it can be extremely important to understand these differences and perhaps, delegate your time accordingly.

Social Bookmarking

This social media avenue is based on the concept of information sharing through unique rating systems that allow users to suggest articles which then can continue to be ranked according to the number of other users of a social bookmarking site whom also share or suggest the article. The idea is simple and works so eliquiently becuase users have an influence on the way information is shared, commented and have a voice within the social bookmarking community. Social bookmarking sites quickly become the center of information networking.

Social bookmarking can be best suited for sharing information and building links back to an information source as you continue to post and allow users to spread the word throughout social bookmarking sites. It allows you to interact with users understand popular topics and build a voice for your business.

Social Networking

Social networks on the other hand rely more solely on the connections and sharing people do within the social networking community. although many have begun implementing the function ofsyndicating RSS feeds and posting information within your profile, social networking sites are more person oriented. Social networking sites concentrate more so networking and following people rather then topics. As apposed to centralizing on a vatgory of information and articles posted within that category users network amongst eachother and share information once linked together within the social site.

Social Networks are best suited for obtaining loyal followers whom want to stay up to date with the happenings of your social networking profile. This connection can sometimes be much harder to make although you form a more direct relationship with users because you are now connected to their profile through the networking connection.

Mundane Social Media

Mundane Social MediaIt has been some time since I have had the opportunity to post. But after some delay I wanted to share the idea of overcomming the mundane tactics of social media. If any business stops and takes a look into social media you will notice that so much is out there to be learned about your target market. a market that is ever evolving and in order to cater to the masses, you have to listed to the topics they are taking the time to talk about and share.

Anything online worth posting, is worth making unique. Todays marketing strategies concentrate solely on the most cost effective manner. Usually always resulting in regurgitated topics spread across your whole social media campaign. What is twitter without a unique tweet, but more importantly to the business tweeter, what is going to spark the interest of twitter users and followers? It is not important what people inform other of, but rather what social media is paying attention to or seeking.

A voice within social media is only worth the number of visitors that take the time to listen. Through social media you are peeking interest through an informational based medium that is not so much focused on the ROI of sales but the ROI of user loyalty, reach and return visitor. The freshness and credibility of a social media campaign can far outweigh the reach of that through conventional marketing. Important articles are shared, re-tweeted, copied, discussed and voted upon in a manner that soon will replace or be incorperated into the conventions of current search algorithms. Twitter may be a fad because of its current user limitations, however social media on a whole is shaping human / internet interaction.