How to build link popularity?

building linksThere are many ways to build link popularity for a business so I want to focus on the key areas of how they work. I try to keep any topics informational so you as a business owner can decide whether or not it is going to be beneficial or is right for your business. You can do many things online from building a website that may hinder your overall ability to be successful so doing things effectively and correct is important.

Unless I have otherwise forgot a specific way of creating links most will fall under a one of the following methods:

  • Link Exchange
    • Exchanging links means having to contact website owners and getting them to willingly add your site to their ‘recommended sites’ / links page and is mainly a waste of time.
  • Directories /Shopping Malls
    • How do you justify weeding through the endless lists of other sites? But is it worth the link.
  • Networking – Blogging
    • A great way to become a voice in the world of readers / potential customers interested in information related to your business, credibility anyone?
  • Article submissions
    • I lump this together with many forms of submitting articles to be distributed including press releases and directory articles but what is the exposure of this for of promoting?
  • Informational Sites
    • Creating an interlinking ‘network’ of sites related and controlled all by the business owner. Can you say recipe for success? With web 2.0 being talked about so much, don’t you think it is time for your business to upgrade how and who you are reaching?