Add Custom Content to Magento Category Pages

For an updated variation on how to accomplish custom content on Magento Category pages, view this post > Customize the Content Layout on Magento Category Pages

When adding custom content to the category pages on your site, I find the category description to be very limiting and not necessarily give me the type of control I want to have over how much content I can add to a page without pushing the products below the fold. This tutorial outlines how you can use Custom CMS Blocks to design the exact layout you desire for your category pages.

First you will want to create a static block that will end up replacing the category page setup.

CMS > Static Block

Once created you may need to grab some of the template code in order to setup the static block so the text areas match the design of the template.

Personally I create an introductory paragraph followed by the product listings, then adding another section of content below the products that is more expansive and creates more unique content for my main category pages.  Simply update the cat_ID with the corresponding category products you want to display on this page, set the status to ‘Enabled’ and save the CMS Custom Block.


{{block type=”catalog/product_list” column_count=”3″ category_id=”cat_ID” template=”catalog/product/list.phtml”}}


Now you can setup the category page to display the custom block you have created, rather then just using the category description as it limits your control over where you can implement content.

Catalog > Manage Categories

Select the category and click on the Display Settings tab. Under Display Mode select Static Block only as we have used custom code to display the products between our content blocks. Now you simply have to select the CMS Block you created and save the changes.


  1. This seems like exactly what I am looking for but is missing a few more details and step by step in order for me to be able to implement this change. Can you layout the step in a little more detail?

  2. This code works fine, but in magento Doesnt show the navigation toolbar. So you can only see the first page.

  3. SEM Truth says:

    I have been browsing for this solution but have been unable to find what layout file may affect the static block pager.

    As of Magento you should be able to follow this step by step post on how to add both an introductory paragraph as well as footer content.

    Customize the Content Layout on Magento Category Pages

  4. I don’t suppose you know how to add multiple CMS blocks to a single category? Example text before products and text after products? The edit category only gives one option for a CMS block which i’m using for some PHP code and now want to add in some text to that category have a look at see what I mean the php code grabs the product.

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